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Content Management for Ecommerce Sites

  • Save Time

    Need to change a few words here and there? Change colors or even a product image? No worries. It’s so easy with our CMS solutions for ecommerce sites that even grandma could do it.

  • Sell More

    You can see what’s attracting customers your site using our Analytics software, and quickly optimize your ecommerce site to delight your customers and keep them coming back.

  • Increase profits

    Using CMS in your ecommerce site keeps life easy. Spend less time editing code and more time increasing company profits.

You shouldn’t have to stress out about your online store, but you need a high-quality way to analyze, track and optimize your site. If you’re using older technology or even hosted ecommerce sites, you’re missing out on a great deal of flexibility and analysis.

With our solutions, you can see exactly where your customers are going on your site, and examine their behavior against whatever metrics you choose. Then, try out some changes and see if your sales improve. We call this A/B testing, and it can often add substantial amounts to your company’s profits.

Advanced A/B Testing Capabilities

A/B testing is a simple concept. Here’s an example: if you want to improve the amount of times your customer click a certain button, you might decide to test how the color of the button impacts the click-rate. You would make two pages, one with a red button and one with a green button, and then analyze the rate of clicks for each page. Once you’ve determined the winner, integrate that into your site, and start testing something else.

For more information about how Content Management for ecommerce can help you grow sales, contact us today.


In 2008 an open-source content management system for ecommerce was launched, developed by a now subsidiary of Ebay, Inc. It’s a very sophisticated and customizable platform suitable for very demanding online stores. Magento is used by customers such as Nike, Volcom, Men’s Health and others.


Another popular open-source ecommerce CMS is OpenCart. It’s quite flexible, and has hundreds of plugins available for customization. It supports theming as do almost all modern CMS frameworks, and is suitable for fairly demanding tasks.

WordPress / WooCommerce

For simplicity and economy, nothing beats the WooCommerce plugin suite for WordPress. By using WordPress’s framework, WooCommerce adds the ability to sell products, services, and memberships, with advanced payment and shipping modules available too.

Custom e-commerce

These days it’s rare to find a web developer with the skills necessary to build a custom e-commerce solution from scratch. Our proprietary system, Cactus, was developed in 2003 and sites using Cactus are still going strong – over a decade later. When your needs are nearly impossible – custom is the way to go.

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