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Custom Wordpress Theme by RemedyOne - Lighting Company Website

Probably the biggest advantage of using a custom WordPress theme is the ability to brand your site. Your business is unique, right? Why not communicate that to all your clients with a unique website?

With a custom theme, you are in control and can design your pages however you like, while still retaining the easy-to-use WordPress back-end framework. We have been designing websites for almost 15 years!

Another advantage is your full control of functionality and features: you can add and remove features at will in a custom theme, whereas in an off-the-shelf theme, many of those choices have been made for you. Want an e-commerce store that opens and closes based on the time of day? Not possible without a custom theme.

Want to track thousands of parts and products in a simple, easy-to-use format? Custom is the way to go.

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Our report: A Custom WordPress Theme is a Sure Bet for Your Business describes the advantages and common mistakes people make when building websites for their business. The report is 100% free!

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