Triple K

Celebrating over 50 years in business, Triple K Manufacturing Co. is a leading manufacturer of high quality products for sportsmen & law enforcement professionals. Their products are recognized around the globe and can be found in thousands of outlets worldwide.

Skills: Content management, JavaScript, SEO, CMS, PHP, MySQL, SQL, web design


Promoting growth from a strong history

Too Much Business!

It’s not often you hear this complaint from businesses: “We have too much business!” But after creating their solid e-commerce platform, TripleK had to place many of their items on back-order. They simply had too much business and couldn’t keep up. Which means a lot, considering they have over 40 employees in their downtown San Diego warehouse.

A relationship built on trust

TripleK is one of our longest-term clients. At this point our relationship has spanned almost a decade, and we’re proud to consider them our friends. We strive to create this kind of long-term relationship with all our clients – a relationship built on trust and respect. Our goals line up with our clients, so if we help you succeed, so do we!