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SEO Services in San Diego: Big Picture Marketing

Drive traffic to your site. It’s never been more important to optimize your site for the search engines. The web is like a huge network of streets and places, and SEO is like a billboard making your site visible to the world. There are three main approaches to building your presence and visibility on search engines:

  • Content is King! Above all, if your website isn’t interesting, unique and compelling to real humans, all the optimization in the world won’t make much of a difference. If you’re serious about building search engine visibility, set up a content generation strategy. Most companies are experts in their fields – share that expertise with the world! The more valuable your content, the better your web traffic will be. Newsletters, blog posts, video, reports and graphics all help you stand out.
  • On-page SEO is making your site understandable to the search engines’ automatic analysis tools (known as crawlers and spiders). Once your web design is top-notch and your great content is produced, we need to help the crawlers find it. We adjust descriptions, headings, and the internal page code to make sure they’re right on.
  • Off-page SEO is also called ‘link-earning.’  In the past this used to be called ‘link-building’ but old strategies don’t work like they used to – the search engines are getting smarter and can tell if your SEO Services provider is using old-style techniques to build links. In fact, certain link building activities could even hurt your ranking rather than help. We take an honest, organic approach to building high quality links for your site.

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On-page SEO Tips

Use Keywords

The key with keywords is not to overdo it, that will be spammy and irritating to your visitors. Make sure your keywords are in your page titles, headings and peppered through the page in an organic, readable way. This helps the search engines understand what you’re going for, without driving real humans away from your high quality content.

Tag Images Properly

They say a picture’s worth a thousand words, but a search engine can’t really see pictures. So make it easy for them. Every image on your site should utilize it’s alt tag to explain what the image is to the search engine.

Optimize Site Performance

Everybody loves a fast site! Run your website through Google’s Page Speed tool or Pingdom’s Speed Test and see how you fare. Top ranking websites run smooth and load quickly – this may be a factor in their ranking, and it’s definitely a factor in their usability.

Check your Robots

There are a couple of places to send messages to search engines. You can specify which pages they should and shouldn’t crawl through your domain’s robots.txt file, and you can also send instructions to them through meta tags on each page. Make sure you aren’t ‘disallowing’ anything in your robots.txt as that will prevent most search engines from indexing your site.

  • Look at the big picture. Many companies provide SEO Services in San Diego, but web traffic should only be one component of your overall online marketing plan. Look for a web design company who can back up their recommendations with the programming ability to get it done, and the track record of success and real results.

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