Dedicated Server WordPress Hosting

The choices that you make while setting up your business’s WordPress site can have a determining effect on its future success, and for this reason it’s imperative to choose carefully and make informed decisions. An ill-conceived decision can leave you with an insecure server, unreliable hosting, and little flexibility for customization. For these reasons and more, it’s essential that you choose to host your site with dedicated server WordPress hosting, allowing you the opportunity to take your business to the next level under optimal conditions.

Enhanced Web Security 

Many businesses don’t appreciate the fact that using a shared server will necessarily expose your website to countless external threats. By virtue of the fact that you’re sharing the server with other organizations, you are making yourself vulnerable to cyber attacks. Time and again, we’ve seen instances in which shared servers were compromised, damaging the integrity of the brand which suffered the attack.

The only way to protect your company’s site with reliable security is by ensuring that you have your own IP address, which will only be the case when using dedicated server WordPress hosting. Moreover, this will enable you to integrate SSL into your WordPress site, which is a must for e-commerce sites and other businesses handling signups and payments.

Pro tip: Even while using a dedicated server, it’s critical that you continue to take your web security seriously by downloading updates and applying patches as soon as they are released.

Consistent Reliability

If your business opts to use a shared server, then it will be pooling resources with numerous others organizations that are being hosted on the server. This means that the functionality of your website is at their mercy, since they can sap all of the server’s bandwidth and use up its resources. If this happens, then your website can crash as a result of their traffic, impinging the ability of your customers to gain access to your site.

For serious businesses, this situation is a nonstarter. It’s intolerable to operate under circumstances where your website is constantly crashing or slowing down for customers who are browsing through your content. It’s only by choosing a dedicated server that all of the resources will be allocated towards maintaining your website, allowing customers to browse your website seamlessly without any downtime.

Customization & Flexibility

Depending on the nature of your business, it’s highly probable that you’ll need to configure the server according to your company’s specific necessities for maximum effectiveness. If you’ve decided to go with a shared server, then you simply won’t be able to make those configurations that would optimize your site, since you won’t have control over the server.

Only with a dedicated server will you be able to make changes and configurations tailored to your business’s particular needs. You’ll have a much greater amount of flexibility than would ever be possible with a shared server, offering your business the ability to thrive under ideal settings. This is especially important when it comes to prioritizing the needs of your business, since you’ll be able to proactively choose which requests will be handled first.

Potential for Growth

Even if you’ve done your research and it seems as if a shared server can meet your business’s current needs, there’s still a very compelling reason to choose a dedicated server. The reason is that it’s important to plan strategically for the future, and if your business experiences steady growth then it will inevitably reach the point where it requires a dedicated server in order to function effectively.

If you’re on a shared server and find that your WordPress site needs more bandwidth or storage space, then you’ll usually have to choose between two unpleasant options: switching to a new server under the same provider, or signing up with a new provider altogether. Either of these options will be a time-consuming hassle. Only with a dedicated server will you be able to expand effortlessly, adding more storage space to your hosting package to meet your ever-changing needs.

Bottom Line: Improved Performance with Dedicated Server WordPress Hosting

In the end of the day, businesses that capitalize on the benefits of a dedicated server WordPress hosting solution will have enhanced functionality and be better equipped to achieve success. From improved security against cyber attacks to the assurance of consistent reliability, a dedicated server will enable your website to stay functional for customers without experiencing downtime.

Moreover, you’ll be able to take advantage of the greater flexibility afforded by dedicated servers, authorizing you configure and customize your server to ensure that your needs will be met. While the low cost of a shared server might initially seem like an economical decision—especially for a company operating under a tight budget— the reality is that your bottom line will almost certainly increase by choosing a dedicated server.