Web Design Mistakes: 5 Things Only Losers Do

Considering the limitless potential of maintaining a strong online presence, it’s essential that your business pays close attention to web design. Common mistakes can lead to user dissatisfaction and make it more difficult to generate profitable leads, which means that learning from the pitfalls of others can prove invaluable. Here are some of the most ubiquitous web design errors that it’s important for your business to avoid:

1. White on Black Text

If you’ve ever come across a website that has white text set against a dark background, then you know how frustratingly difficult it can be to read such content. You’ll lose the majority of your leaders after a few lines, if not earlier. Your website will only be able to generate leads if your content is engaging and presented attractively, and white on black text will accomplish precisely the opposite. It will make your content less user-friendly, and ultimately that’s what matters most for your business.

2. Bad Navigation

One of the most vital fundamentals of web design is that your website needs to be easily navigable, so that visitors encounter no difficulties finding the information that they need. First and foremost, this means that your web pages should not have unnecessary information and be as concise as possible. Additionally, it’s equally important that your pages can be navigated seamlessly, so that users don’t have to click on multiple pages to find their desired content.

3. Excessive Images

An important aspect of presenting your content appealingly is maintaining the optimal balance between images and text. A well-placed picture can capture your readers’ attention at the perfect moment, but overdoing it will make your web pages unreadable. It’s crucial that readers are able to breeze through your content easily, so it’s imperative that they don’t have to scroll through countless images or animations to reach the information they’re seeking. Instead, your business should do everything it can to ensure that your website’s key content is easily accessible.

4. Background Music

Some companies are under the impression that their visitors appreciate background music while reading through their content. Research indicates exactly the opposite, and most readers find music as nothing more than a turnoff. This is especially true since music often causes delays in loading web pages, which is another common web design mistake that it’s important to avoid. Instead, keep your readers happy through keeping your content clean and speedy by leaving the music behind.

5. Slow Performance

One of the most costly web design mistakes that a business can make is maintaining a website with painstakingly slow performance. If your content loads too slowly, then prospective clients will simply exit out of your webpage and try their luck with one of your competitors. Studies indicate that many consumers will only tolerate a few seconds of delays before losing their patience and clicking somewhere else. Don’t make the mistake of retaining a website with subpar performance—you may never get a second chance with these visitors.