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AdWords Management: Ensuring your PPC Manager is Active

An increasing number of businesses outsource their online marketing tasks, hiring specialists to handle everything from AdWords management social media to search engine optimization and pay-per-click advertising. While many companies would like to assume that their campaigns are in professional hands, the reality is that it’s imperative to choose wisely when it comes to managing your marketing. Especially in the realm of PPC and AdWords, it’s crucial that your PPC manager is active and attentive, or your campaigns will suffer the effects of stagnancy. 

AdWords Management: Why Activity is Essential 

One of the primary advantages of PPC advertising is the ability to create an incredibly precise campaign that pinpoints the exact demographics that you’re targeting with perfect keywords. As any successful AdWords manager knows, the work never stops, and no PPC campaign ever reaches the point where further optimization is not possible. From optimizing bids to researching additional keywords, your AdWords manager should always be tweaking and researching, looking for any which way to improve your campaign.

Unfortunately, the sad reality is that surveys indicate that many PPC managers don’t even touch their campaigns on a weekly or even monthly basis, which severely limits the ability of their clients to maximize the potential of PPC advertising. Rather than focusing on optimization, these ineffective managers allow their campaigns to stagnate, which does little more than drain resources on ineffective marketing approaches.

Activity = Optimization

Ultimately, it’s impossible for an Adwords management team to optimize your campaign without constant activity. For example, a first-rate PPC manager will regularly review the results from your keywords, finding the ones that aren’t producing enough conversions to warrant sponsored results. Besides for flagging your negative keywords, an active campaign manager will relentlessly search for new keywords that can improve your campaigns.

Studies indicate that approximately 15% of internet searches each day have never before been submitted, so it’s crucial not to underestimate the power of researching new keywords to tap into untouched territory. While a lazy campaign manager will compile a list of viable keywords at the beginning of a campaign and call it a day, an active AdWords manager will continuously expand the list of keywords which increase your conversions.

Besides for adding and subtracting the keywords themselves, a top-tier PPC manager will ceaselessly adjust your bids to ensure that you’re receiving the maximum value from your investment. Without this type of continuous monitoring, you’ll inevitably be wasting money on overpriced bids or be missing opportunities on conversion-friendly keywords that don’t have much competition.

Opaqueness is a Red Flag

One of the most effective ways of ensuring that your AdWords management team is active is by requiring them to maintain a high level of transparency. By keeping the lines of communication between you and your PPC manager open and frequent, you’ll have an easy way of knowing if their performance is up to par. The reverse is true as well: if you can’t seem to ever receive a direct answer from your AdWords manager, that can be a sign that they’re not actively involved in optimizing your campaign.

Taking it to the next level, a truly active AdWords will not only communicate with you regularly, but also take it upon themselves to teach you about how they’re at work improving your PPC campaigns. Chances are, you already have some idea about how you’d like to go about achieving your goals, but the sign of an expert manager is one who is willing to collaborate with your team to further your vision for your company.

Similarly, it’s imperative that your manager takes the time to understand the nuances of your organization before launching your campaign. Without a sufficient appreciation for where your company is positioned in the marketplace relative to your competition, it’s unlikely that your AdWords campaign will achieve much success. The sign of an active PPC campaign manager is one who makes an effort to educate themselves about your company before getting started.

PPC Manager Checklist

By now it should be clear that an active AdWords manager will be exponentially more beneficial to your company than one who isn’t monitoring your campaigns on a regular basis. In particular, here are three key qualities to search for in a PPC campaign manager:

  • Constant testing: The more evidence that your AdWords manager can provide that indicates that they are constantly analyzing your results and tweaking your campaigns, the better.
  • Responsible budgeting: An active PPC manager with your company’s best interests in mind will make a conscious effort to use your budget wisely. If you receive an impression to the contrary, hire a new manager.
  • Structured approach: The mark of an active campaign manager is one who is organized and can provide you with clear, strategic plans for advancing your marketing goals.