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Web Design Color Theory: Colors can Increase Profitibility

When designing a website for your brand, one of the most significant choices to make is determining its ideal web design color theory or color scheme. Since different colors can trigger contrasting sensations, it’s vital that your designer chooses the colors that will communicate your brand’s message most effectively. Ultimately, the choice of color will have an enormous effect on the behavior of your website’s visitors, influencing everything from their initial interest to their purchasing decisions. Read more

Great Looking E-Commerce Websites

There is no denying the fact that E-Commerce has become one of the most important facets of an internet presence, since it allows people to do business without the barriers of time or distance. An eCommerce site basically gives you the ability to have unlimited store hours, while reaching millions of consumers worldwide who are looking specifically for what you sell. While the functionality is obviously the main key, an aesthetically pleasing design is an important attention-grabber. Read on to see 29 great looking E-Commerce website designs compiled by Amritray.

8 Ways to Mobilize Landing Pages

Living in an age where mobile internet access is becoming commonplace, a majority of website landing pages have undergone extensive changes to become more user friendly. This has resulted in many home pages sporting more simplistic designs, shorter URL’s, and more direct verbage…not to mention the increased importance placed on load speed. Read on for more information on how mobile internet capbilities are changing the way designers are adapting their landing pages for the mobile user.

Countering the Google Plus Image Problem

While there are contradictory reports on the success (or lack thereof) experienced by Google Plus, it is impossible to deny that it has become a hot topic in the high-tech community. From the outside it seems that the platform has failed to take off, yet if you ask anyone on the inside, they will swear that it is the fastest-growing Google product the company has released to date. Where is the disconnect? Read on to find out more

Tradeshift Builds Cloudscan To Get Suppliers E-Invoicing

While many suppliers are stuck in the past sending invoices via PDF or email, Denmark’s Tradeshift is providing a modern and effective alternative which they call Cloudscan. This new service offered by Tradeshift gives businesses a unique email address where invoices can be sent and received and have seemingly moved the high-tech world into the age of electronic invoicing. The kicker? They are offering the e-invoicing services entirely free to suppliers and SME’s! Read Article

Find out more about CloudScan

What can E-commcerce do for you?

Many businesses can benefit greatly from the integration of E-commerce capabilities to their current web presence but many of them don’t even realize that they qualify. This comprehensive tool that can make doing business much more simple and effective. Is your company missing out on a golden opportunity? Check out a recent E-commerce success story from the Girl Scouts of America, and see how easily their story can translate to your companies needs! Click here to read article

Square: Small Business Owners Love This Mobile Payment System

The latest craze in the mobile payment community is called Square and it is revolutionizing the way small business owners can charge their customers. This small white square add-on is easily plugged into the normal headphone jack of an iPad and is helping business owners avoid costly credit charges and reduce their carbon footprint with paperless reciepts, not to mention the ‘wow’ factor for customers new to the technology. Read more for a first hand account of how this small invention is causing more and more cash registers to wind up in the recycling bins.

An Introduction To Different Types of Content

There are many types of content that can increase traffic to your site and increase your search rankings, some of that content doesn’t even need to be on your website or be created by you.  The most important writing about your website can be found in the content on your page, press releases about your company, and reviews about your product or service. Read more

Choosing Keywords

SEO ServicesSearch Engine Optimization is very important to drive traffic to your website, thereby boosting your viewership and in turn your sales.  However, sometimes we don’t rank high on the search engines even when we think that we’re doing everything right.  That’s when reassessing your keywords, and thus optimized content, can make all the difference.  When choosing keywords it is essential to take into consideration the size of your business and your target market. Read more