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WordPress Backups: The Value of Automated Protection

Stuff can go wrong

Just like it’s important to backup the data on your hard drive, it’s equally as vital to ensure that your WordPress database and files are backed up and stored safely. Even though WordPress offers top of the line security, there are numerous ways in which your professionally designed, custom website data can become corrupted that may be outside of your control. For example, many businesses fall prey to hackers attempting to gain access to information that is being stored on their databases.

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e-commerce Cart Checkout

WooCommerce – 5 Best Features of the Latest Version

Launched in September of 2011, WooCommerce has become the most popular e-commerce plugin designed for WordPress. With over 4.5 million downloads, businesses of all sizes are capitalizing on the strength and ease-of-use of the dominant e-commerce plugin. Celebrated brands such as Entrepreneur, Harley Davidson, and Cosmopolitan have embraced WooCommerce, as well as roughly 400,000 e-commerce sites. With the recent release of WooCommerce 2.2, let’s take a look at 5 key improvements which will enhance your business’s website:

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Cool and Useful Web Applications

In the constantly changing world of technology, users are always looking for new and improved ways to enhance their lives. Computers continue to evolve and add value and simplicity to our lives. RemedyOne has compiled together a list of some of the most interesting and useful web applications that we have found! Read more