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WordPress Backups: The Value of Automated Protection

Stuff can go wrong

Just like it’s important to backup the data on your hard drive, it’s equally as vital to ensure that your WordPress database and files are backed up and stored safely. Even though WordPress offers top of the line security, there are numerous ways in which your professionally designed, custom website data can become corrupted that may be outside of your control. For example, many businesses fall prey to hackers attempting to gain access to information that is being stored on their databases.

Other problems can arise when routine maintenance doesn’t work as smoothly as intended. Even something as simple as a WordPress update has the potential to cause database problems, which is why WordPress recommends to its users that they backup their data before installing updates. Human error can also trigger unanticipated problems to your WordPress database and files, causing massive headaches while attempting to restore the website to an earlier point.

All of the above causes underscore why it’s important to take advantage of automated WordPress backup and protection. If any of your files become corrupted without having a handy backup, then the restoration process can be notoriously difficult for your site. By storing your data in a location that is easily accessible, an automated WordPress plugin can prevent the damage caused if any of your files become corrupted.

WordPress backups made automatic

In our opinion the highest quality WordPress backup plugin is UpdraftPlus, which has become increasingly popular because of its stellar reputation in the web development community. It has been downloaded over a million times and is highly rated among the plethora of users that entrust UpdraftPlus to backup their data safely.

The interface is extremely easy to use and allows users to personalize their preferences according to their needs, which is why at RemedyOne we recommend UpdraftPlus as the most valuable protection for your site. Another benefit is that it allows users to backup their data to many popular cloud services, such as Google Drive, Dropbox, and Amazon S3. In fact, you’ll be able to backup your files to multiple locations with just one click.

Set it and forget it

UpdraftPlus offers both manual and scheduled backup options, and we recommend taking advantage of the scheduled option to backup your data on a regular basis. This is especially important before updates are installed, but it’s also valuable for your website on an everyday—or even hourly—basis. Irrespective of the size of your website, it’s essential that your WordPress files are stored conveniently and safely in case disaster strikes.

At RemedyOne we ensure that full protection is offered as part of our maintenance plans, so that the restoration process can be done effortlessly at a moment’s notice. We ensure that your precious data is never at risk of being lost, allowing you the peace of mind to keep your business running at its optimal performance. Whether you need to restore particular components of your site or whether the site in its entirety has been compromised, our maintenance plans will prevent any damaging data loss from occurring.