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WordPress Maintenance: The Importance of Updates

Due to its distinct benefits over other content management systems (CMSs), WordPress sites are becoming increasingly popular among businesses of all sizes. Its ubiquity, though, comes with a downside—WordPress sites are now a more attractive target for hackers and bots attempting to gain access to your database. In order to protect yourself from these vulnerabilities, it’s important to maintain your website by installing the latest updates on a regular basis.

For example, you should make sure that your website it using the latest version of WordPress, as outdated versions will significantly increase your vulnerability to external threats. The same is true if your site is using an outdated theme or plugin, as these all contribute to insecurities that may pose serious threats to your site. Failing to update your site may also lead to compatibility issues for your visitors who are attempting to access your site through new browsers or mobile operating systems.

Performing updates on a regular basis will help you run your website more effectively while providing a more seamless experience for your visitors. In addition to saving you time and money in the long run, maintaining your website by taking care of routine updates can also benefit your site’s SEO.

Moreover, WordPress updates play a key role in increasing your site’s functionality, such as by making your website accessible to more platforms and browsers. Your pages will load more quickly, the chances of visitors coming across errors will decrease, and your site’s overall compatibility will be maximized.

Have Helpers Standing By

However, updating your WordPress site is not something to be taken lightly, since there is always an element of risk involved when making changes to your WordPress files. Updating your WordPress site might fix certain issues while simultaneously creating new problems with other elements of your site, which means that simply downloading all WordPress updates automatically is not advised. When done haphazardly, updating your WordPress site can pose more disadvantages to your site than actual benefits.

The downsides of failed WordPress updates can be devastating and long-term. All it takes is one successful hacking attempt for your—or your customers’—personal information to be compromised and for your company’s reputation to suffer long lasting effects. While the importance of WordPress maintenance cannot be understated, it’s also critical that the process be undertaken prudently. Otherwise, you run the risk of corrupting various features of your website that will cancel out any benefits gained from the update.

For this reason, it’s absolutely essential that WordPress updates are installed as part of a comprehensive maintenance plan that guarantees your site is fully protected against external threats. At RemedyOne, we will take charge of your website maintenance to ensure that your business can capitalize on all of the benefits of the latest WordPress updates without exposing your site to any vulnerabilities. Additionally, our cutting edge maintenance plans will allow you to advantage of the latest online marketing trends while beefing up your security and increasing your site’s functionality.