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Custom WordPress Themes – Increase Leads with a Unique Website

As the internet’s leading Content Management System (CMS), there are over 60 million websites powered by the WordPress platform, including businesses of all sizes. WordPress has developed a stellar reputation as the meeting point between simplicity and functionality, allowing business owners a user-friendly medium for developing websites that produce results. While WordPress offers free templates in order to get a feel for their platform, it’s only by designing a unique website that your business will be able to reap its full potential. 

Authentic Branding 

While the idea of a free template may sound nice in theory, it’s important that businesses appreciate how difficult it will be to attract customers with a cookie-cutter website. In order to maximize the effectiveness of your site, it’s important that you develop an authentic brand that reflects the products and services that you are providing. This will only be possible by utilizing a custom WordPress theme that has been tailored to the needs of your business.

Without a custom theme, it’ll be impossible for clients to distinguish your generic website from those of your competitors, making it extremely challenging to attract quality leads on a consistent basis. Consumers appreciate authenticity and the feeling that a business is offering something distinct, and only a custom WordPress theme will be able to communicate this message to your visitors. 

Improved ROI 

While the initial costs dissuade some businesses from investing in a custom WordPress theme, this is a shortsighted decision that fails to take into account the significantly higher ROI that will result. If the goal of your company’s website is to generate leads that convert into sales, there is no match for the effectiveness of a custom theme. It’s true that the initial costs of a readymade theme will be cheaper, but the lackluster results will leave you dissatisfied. In strictly economic terms, investing in a unique theme is a decision that will pay off for your business.

Full Functionality 

Another key benefit of designing a custom theme is that you’ll have complete control over every aspect of the site. Every business could benefit from enhanced functionality that cannot be incorporated into a generic theme, and the only way that a website can truly overcome its challenges is through a custom site. It’s the only way that you’ll be able to make all of the crucial choices for your website, including how to integrate functionality personalized to your specific needs. This will allow you surpass the limitations of the plugins in the WordPress database, offering you full control over the direction to take your website.  

SEO Benefits

It’s also important not to overlook the potential SEO value of having a custom website designed for your business. With a custom theme, your designer can ensure that your website’s enhanced functionality does not result in a complex code that inhibits your search engine rankings. A clean, custom theme will enable you to capitalize on the full power of the WordPress platform while also taking advantage of the SEO benefits of having a WordPress site.