Cool and Useful Web Applications

In the constantly changing world of technology, users are always looking for new and improved ways to enhance their lives. Computers continue to evolve and add value and simplicity to our lives. RemedyOne has compiled together a list of some of the most interesting and useful web applications that we have found!

polarisPolaris Google Analytics

Polaris is a cross platform application for Google Analytics. With 8 easy to use standard reports, it allows you to keep your data always organized and available. Polaris is a free download for everyone with one website profile. For those that manage multiple profiles, Polaris offers an easy full-version upgrade for only $15/year.


Posterous is the new, simple way to post anything online using only email. No set up is required, all you need to do is email Posterous with the information you want to share, and they will instantly reply back with your new Posterous website. This way you can share audio, photos, videos and anything else you can think of with family and friends in a quick and innovative way!

web-based-screencasting-appsWeb Based Screencasting Apps

The next set of popular application tools are those that allow the user to create video recordings of your desktop screen without installing new software. These recorded videos can then get uploaded to the web automatically so the user doesn’t have to worry about format or web hosting.


Woopra is a free, easy to use web tracking and analysis application. Everything on the site is done in real-time allowing you to make changes and see them immediately! Not only does Woopra offer comprehensive statistics, but they do this in an easy to understand way and make your results very aesthetically pleasing.

Web Applications Review

This site is a great tool to use when new users are looking for information and reviews on applications they may want to use. provides users with first hand information about various web applications so that they can make more informed decisions when deciding which tools to use!


Schedulicity is the modern way to schedule appointments online. You will never have to pick up another phone to schedule an appointment again. Schedulicity allows users to book appointments with any type of business, located anywhere!

sis-surveySIS Survey

SIS Survey is a free account that lets users create online surveys and polls for your website, blog and social networking site. The site’s interface is very appealing and user friendly, that allows users to create unique and customized polls!

one2oneOne2One Research

One2OneResearch is a research and consulting company that provides a distinctive online business marketplace that brings together professionals, entrepreneurs, and customers. The site is for anyone who provides or searches for information and services in business consulting, market research, finance & investments, legal, marketing and advertising, or other business related categories.


Patio is a simple to use application designed to enhance your life by doing all the things an ordinary paper planner would do. You can add items to your list and check them off as they have been completed. Patio even transfers your items to the next day if they have not been completed by the end of the day! Patio is a free service, but plans to enhance some features that will charge a small fee.


As with other successful and informative Google applications, Solutions Marketplace is no different. It is a place that allows users to potentially purchase third party solutions that complement Google’s business and education-focused products. The Marketplace reaches thousands of users each week from a range of organizations, with new users becoming vendors and listing and selling their solutions for free.