An Introduction To Different Types of Content

There are many types of content that can increase traffic to your site and increase your search rankings, some of that content doesn’t even need to be on your website or be created by you.  The most important writing about your website can be found in the content on your page, press releases about your company, and reviews about your product or service.

The content on your page
This content is extremely important because it is the most direct writing for your website.  You must have good content on your site; without the great and persuasive writing all the other work that you’re doing to have content pointing to you will be a lost cause.  Everyone who decides to visit your site from all the links and other content you’re working so hard to develop will see your website content.  Make sure it’s persuasive and sells your products, services, or ideas.

Press releases
Press releases are a great way to write content pointing to your site, your company, and a new product or service that you offer.  The benefits of a press release are that they are not posted to your site, they provide a more formal way to talk about the news with your site, they offer a formal third-party perspective (even though you write your own press releases).  Most importantly, press releases provide the all-important link to your site from an outside source.

Third Party Reviews

Another great way to link to your site is through third-party reviews.  If someone writes a review of your product or service and then links to your website, your ranking power will increase.  Not only do you have another link into your site, but the reviewer has voiced an opinion that others are likely to listen to.

Many more types of content exist that can drive traffic to your site, and there are many things that you must remember to do to gain the benefits of these SEO tactics.

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