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Manual Spam Action Revoked – A Testimonial Video

If you’ve been hit by a penalty from Google, you likely need to have your manual spam action revoked. We were able to help our client Frank Murch at Signs for San Diego with his manual penalty recovery (you can read how we did it here).

Manual Spam Action Revoked – Testimonial Video:

Frank’s Testimonial

To Simon at RemedyOne

I want to thank you for the work done on www.signsforsandiego.com

I talked with 6 or 8 companies, 3 of which I have accounts and business dealings with – none of them knew what was happening. Remedy One took this on, and found the bad links that nobody else could.  

RemedyOne resubmitted to Google for reconsideration resulting in success!! My time in “Google jail” ended. This action from Google threatened 7 months of work. Without RemedyOne I would have not been able to solve the problem and would have probably abandoned the site.

Of course Remedy One has modern software tools, and a very methodical approach resulting in abilities that could solve this problem, but other firms had that too. RemedyOne had something infinitely more valuable – They had the expertise, knowledge and aggressiveness to figure out the problem and solve it.

I was asked if I would recommend Remedy One – Absolutely!!

Frank Murch

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