SEO Tips 2014

SEO Tips 2014

In the old days, the focus was all about stuffing keywords into documents and trying similar techniques to get your sites to the top of the search engines. We’re hearing a lot about how ‘SEO is Dead’ in 2014, but it’s far from dead – it’s just changing. Here are our SEO Tips 2014:

The first step is always your site.

Now more than ever, a well-designed website is key to your success. What’s the point of any traffic to your site if you don’t have a clear, well designed site with a clear call to action for your prospects? The search engines are behaving more like people and less like robots – so embrace that! Make your site stand out.

Optimize for your customers, not for search engine bots

As the search engines get smarter and smarter, the old ‘tricks’ and techniques won’t work. You actually have to present high quality value to your customers – and if you do so, you will be rewarded! In the past, some agencies were less than honest in their techniques of link building and keyword stuffing and so on. Now, it’s much more real. Good content equals value and leads to high rankings.

Provide value

In this way, SEO will just be a part of your overall online marketing campaign. Your advertising, PR and event marketing campaigns provide value to your prospects, right? So should your online marketing. Focus on the content first and the search ranking will follow.

Remember the long tail

With the arrival of Siri and voice activated searches, exact keyword matches are becoming less relevant, and a more conversational style of searching is the focus. So, use tools like Google’s Keyword Planner to research other, more obscure keywords. But above all, write naturally and provide value.

Use multimedia

When a user visits your site and stays for a long time, they have a low ‘bounce rate’ – an indicator that your content is interesting for them. You can track this using a service like Google Analytics. A great way to provide this interest and keep people on your site is by producing multimedia content like videos. If your videos express something valuable in a funny or interesting way, you’ll be well on your way to lowering your bounce rate.

Don’t forget the old techniques that work

SEO is changing, and times are different, but the old methods of on-page optimization are still highly valuable. Don’t forget about making properly coded pages with a good structure. A good web design company or SEO services company can help you make sure your website design is set up to take advantage of the new search landscape.

In the years ahead the search engines are only going to get smarter. So, take advantage of this trend by smartening up your marketing materials and content.